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Why learn Korean

Korean is spoken as a first language by more than 80 million people, according to Ethnologue. It is one of the four key Asian languages for Australian languages education. As a language using the phonetic Hangul system, the Korean alphabet makes Korean easier to learn than ideographic systems used by some languages. South Korea is one of Australia's most important trading partners. This has been highlighted by the visit to Australia of the South Korean president in December 2021. It is a leading player in manufacturing and information technology, as illustrated by the high profiles of car manufacturers such as Hyundai and phone makers such as Samsung.

According to the Korean Ministry of Education, as of mid-2021, approximately 160,000 students at 1,699 elementary and middle schools in 39 countries were learning Korean. There are significant numbers of Korean community members in Australia, and in some urban centres in Australia, Korean cuisine is the most frequently represented in restaurants. Korean culture is increasingly popular in the west, evidenced by such phenomena as K-Pop and K-drama.

Links to Languages.Org.Au Korean resources

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    Online sources to look up words and phrases – a quick option is to run a Google search with the required expression in English followed by the words "in Korean", eg accommodation in Korean, then select from sources (some of which also provide an audio version of the Korean) such as the ones listed below (listed here alphabetically).

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