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Unit outlines and term overviews

Unit outlines and term overviews are the top two layers of the program of learning for each CAL class.

Continuing Tamil

Continuing Tamil Unit Outline 2021-S1 [posted 22/01/2021]
Continuing Tamil Overview 2021-Q1 [posted 11/02/2021]
Continuing Tamil Overview 2021-Q2 [posted on 18/04/2021]

Advanced Tamil

Advanced Tamil Unit Outline 2021-S1 [posted 22/01/2021]

Assessment item descriptions

Information for the first two assessment tasks will be published ahead of the CAL 2021 registration evening. Assessment task descriptions will be posted ahead of scheduled assessment tasks and will be updated if and when there are changes. For general information on the timing of assessment tasks throughout the semester, see the Events page on CAL website. Look for the pencil-and-paper icons.

AT1 Advice for the listening assessment task, posted 25/02/2021
AT2 Advice for the reading assessment task, posted 12/03/2021
AT3 Advice for the speaking assessment task, posted 7/05/2021
AT4 Advice for the writing assessment task, posted 7/05/2021, updated 5/06/2021

Assessment rubrics

Assessment rubrics for Canberra Academy of Languages programs are located on the Assessment Rubrics section of the Programs page on CAL website.

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